Seeing an Audiologist? Bring a Companion

One of the first steps for people experiencing hearing loss in Los Angeles is to schedule an appointment with an audiologist. This is bound to cause a little anxiety, especially if it’s your first visit and you are unsure of what to expect. Bringing a companion with you is perfectly okay; in fact, your Los […]

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Mumps Can Cause Hearing Loss

The most common causes of hearing loss in Los Angeles are aging and noise exposure. They are hardly the only culprits, however; many other factors can contribute to long-term damage. One of them has been making headlines recently after a couple of well-publicized outbreaks – and it is completely preventable! The Dangers of Viral Infections […]

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The Price You Pay for Hearing Loss

Patients with hearing loss in Los Angeles already contend with many side effects related to their condition. It turns out the impact of their condition isn’t limited to physical, psychological and social factors; it can also affect their bank accounts, as well. Hidden Costs of Hearing Loss A study by researchers at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg […]

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Can Balloons Cause Hearing Loss?

Bill Hodgetts and Dylan Scott have been to their fair share of children’s birthday parties. As hearing experts from the University of Alberta, they are trained to look at the world from a researcher’s perspective. It was at one of these parties where they found themselves wondering how loud the pop of a party balloon […]

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