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Concierge Hearing Group
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 21 reviews
 by Ronald M.

Dr. Robin Mock of the Concierge Hearing Group provided me with splendid service when I acquired my first hearing aid. She understood my anxieties and advised me on the options. For the first few months I had frequent visits for fine tuning and hand-holding - the after-care was exceptional. For several minor problems - usually because I had not read the instructions carefully enough - she talked me through the adjustments on the phone. Five stars.

 by TNP

Concierge Hearing Group is amazing. I have used their services myself and have also referred several friends and family members there. All of them had very different issues with their hearing - some as simple as needing a hearing checkup and others who needed help with significant hearing loss. They were all delighted and more importantly, they got the best medical attention possible. Dr. Mock is also an expert in tuning hearing aids which is THE most important aspect in getting hearing aids to enhance quality of life. Dr. Mock focuses a lot of attention here and it is one of the many things that separates her from the other audiology specialists out there. I have seen her transform two people's lives simply by how she tuned their hearing aids. Both of these people thought they would have to live with fuzzy hearing aids but after working with Dr. Mock, they couldn't believe their ears. This woman is a miracle worker!

 by Marilynn T.

I have been a patient of Dr. Robin Mock for over six years and I am very satisfied with her care. Dr. Mock is not only professional and knowledgeable, she is also a very caring person. She is up to date in her field which makes it possible for me to wear a new smaller and more comfortable hearing aid. Thank you Dr. Mock.

 by Dalia P.

I chose Dr. Robin Mock based only on the 5 star reviews she received on Yelp. I am totally new to hearing loss and to hearing aids. Dr. Mock takes the time to ask questions about my lifestyle and is great in explaining the entire fitting process, how the hearing aids work, and what to look for in 'real life situations' outside her office. I met with her numerous times over a few months. We tested and discussed situations that I experienced in 'real life'. She was on point in understanding what my experienced were and made the audio adjustments that i needed at each stage of the process. Thank you, Dr. Mock, for your patience and excellent treatment.

 by Stephen L.

I am an orthopedic surgeon and I value professional service and expertise. Dr. Mock has provided both over the past 18 months. She is a very likeable individual I would highly recommend.
She does make house calls for evaluations and treatment.

 by Andy W.

I have a history of chronic ear problems. Starting with ear tubes as a child and though high school where I had reconstructive ear surgery. I have lived with hearing loss most of my adult life but recently in the last couple of years it was effecting my work and home life. Finally at 43 I decided to do something about it.

I research everything, and I mean everything. I read all of the information on the hearing aid manufacturers website and met with several audiologists. I was important to me that I find the "right" hearing aid as well as the right person to "tune" it. I was looking for a professional who understands what my technical needs are but also there to help guide me though this daunting process. After a couple of phone conversations with Dr. Mock, I was sold. Her personality and the time she took to listen to me (and my concerns) and answer my questions was amazing.

If anyone is looking for a great audiologist to guide you through this process I would recommend Dr. Mock 1000%.

 by Vivian S.

Dr. Robin Mock's concierge hearing group really can make a big difference in the quality and comfort of hearing. After all, we listen even more than we see. After a thorough examination of my ears she determined that only a few of the higher notes were missing. She suggested that i could wait a bit longer to get hearing aids (I'm 73) but could benefit by using hearing protectors. In a short time she carefully and gently made casts for my custom fit protectors. They are very comfortable. ( Ear canals vary as much as noses!) I use them at concerts, airline trips or in any place where background noise is a problem. Dr. Robin provides very refined medical care for hearing. I highly recommend her.

 by Kris M.

Dr. Mock goes above and beyond in helping my 93 year old mom and 94 year old neighbor with their lack of hearing -- it has been life changing -- and she makes house calls!! Fantastic in a world of very little customer service!

 by Dr. R.

When I finally got tired of lip reading and saying "what?" (or just hoping I either had a good idea of what someone said or it didn't matter), I decided to get some help with my hearing deficit. Dr. Mock not only found a great solution for me, she could not have made it any easier. She came to my office, evaluated my hearing, fitted me with appropriate hearing aids, and has followed up with me periodically for progress (happiness!) reports and fine tuning adjustments. Did I mention she came to MY office and fit into MY schedule? She is one of very few in the US with her pedigree - a cut way above a standard "audiologist," and really knows her field. Perhaps just as important, she is as kind, patient, personable (she's a doctor who actually has a good sense of humor) and thoughtful as one can be. 5+ Stars!

 by Jerome W.

Over the last few years, I’d noticed a significant decrease in my ability to hear through my left ear. Honestly, ego and pride was an obstacle to making an appointment with Dr. Robin Mock, whom was referred by several friends.
ASTONISHMENT is the word to describe my experience, and education received from Dr. Mock.
I now walk around, able to hear EVERYTHING, (with a very cool “secret agent” type hearing aid).
Thank you!!!!

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