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You expect a certain level of service. Transforming your hearing health is simple and convenient with Concierge Hearing Group. Our concierge telemedicine services in Los Angeles CA  give patients more options on where, when, and how they receive hearing health care. Patients may receive our high-quality care in our convenient Marina Del Rey office, a location of their choice in the Greater Los Angeles area, or via telehealth. Our services include hearing care that ranges from hearing evaluations to custom musicians in-ear monitors. This modern approach to hearing health care is the next evolution in preventing and treating hearing loss.

Who is affected by hearing loss?

Hearing loss affects more than 48 million Americans to some degree making it one of the most common health care conditions in the nation. Many people develop hearing loss after exposure to loud noises such as music. Hearing health is an integral part of our daily life and can affect quality of life, cognitive health and social life if left untreated. However, adults wait an average of seven years before seeking help for their hearing loss.

Signs of hearing loss include:
  • Difficulty understanding speech in noisy settings.
  • Frequently asking people to repeat themselves.
  • Turning up the volume on TV or music louder than others need it.
  • Ringing in one or both ears (tinnitus).

Our Service Plans

Gold Service Plan

  • 3 Home Visits for programming and device cleaning
  • Live Provider BT Support
  • Home Cerumen Management

Platinum Service Plan

  • Unlimited Home Visits for programming and device cleaning
  • Priority Appointments
  • VIP 24 Hour Provider Hotline
  • Home Cerumen Management

If you have problems with your hearing or want to protect your hearing, call 310-906-4447 today to schedule a consultation and let Concierge Hearing Group transform your hearing.