Phonak DeviceHearing aids are filled with the latest technology; however, you may find you need something more to meet your hearing needs. Hearing aid accessories can help users overcome these obstacles in many situations and enhance the overall communication experience. Some of the more popular accessories for hearing aids include:

  • TV Connectors

    These are helpful in educational situations (e.g. a teacher’s words are transmitted directly into the student’s ears) and for children. Transmitters and receivers work together to overcome background noise, distance and reverberation, and contribute to a better learning experience.

  • Power adaptors and cords

    These add versatility by allowing direct input from various audio sources (FM systems, MP3 players, TVs, and computers). Available with both monaural and binaural cords.

  • Assistive Listening Devices/Personal Amplifiers

    A microphone placed close to the speaker amplifies the sound that reaches your ears, giving your hearing aids a boost. Excellent for lectures, church service, theaters, and television.

  • Earwax filters

    Filters prevent earwax, a leading cause of damage to electronic components, from entering the hearing aid. This helps prolong the life of the instrument and provides you with clear, natural sound.

  • Cleaning kits

    Keeping your hearing aids clean can result in a longer life for your instruments. Cleaning kits give you a leg up on keeping your device in prime working condition. They typically include a wax removal brush and pick, a tube and vent cleaner, battery door opener, and battery replacement magnet.

  • Batteries

    It’s wise to have extra batteries on hand in case your current ones die in the middle of an important listening situation. Especially helpful when you’re traveling.

  • Remote Microphone

    Remote microphones are wireless, small and connected to hearing aids. Remote microphones allow you to have clear conversations by removing unwanted noise in your environment.

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