Small batteries power most hearing aids. To keep your devices running as smoothly as possible without interruption, there are a few things to know about your battery. Here are some common questions and answers that should help you get the most from your hearing device.


What kinds of batteries should I use?

Most hearing aids use disposable zinc-air batteries that are color- and number-coded for easy replacement. The type of battery needed depends on the style and size of your hearing aids, and includes: 5 (red), 10 (yellow), 13 (orange), 312 (brown) and 675 (blue). Most drugstores carry replacement batteries; they can also be purchased from your audiologist or ordered online.

How do zinc-air batteries differ from other battery types?

Zinc-air batteries require oxygen to produce power. They come with a protective seal on the back; once this is removed, oxygen enters through tiny holes to activate them. You should wait at least a minute before inserting your batteries to ensure they have absorbed enough oxygen to work properly.

How long will your battery last?

On average, batteries last 5-7 days depending on the size and style of your hearing aids, your degree of hearing loss, the amount of time your hearing aids are used and your listening environment.

How will I know when it’s time to change the batteries?

Obviously if there is no sound coming through your hearing aids, your first suspicion should be a dead battery. Other signs include sound that is distorted or unclear and unusually low volume levels. Some hearing aids are designed to produce an audible tone warning you when batteries are low.

Are there steps I can take to extend battery life?

Store your batteries at room temperature and avoid exposing them to moist or humid environments. This includes the refrigerator – despite what you may have heard, this is not a good place to keep your batteries as temperature extremes and condensation can shorten their life. Keep batteries away from keys, coins and other metal objects that can cause them to short circuit or discharge. When removing your hearing aids, turn them off and open the battery compartment door to prevent excess moisture and battery drain.

Some devices may have rechargeable batteries. To discuss hearing aid batteries and which device is best for your lifestyle, call 310-906-4447 today to schedule a consultation and let CHG transform your hearing.