4 Advantages of Rechargeable Hearing Aids

4 Advantages of Rechargeable Hearing Aids

We are living in an increasingly digital world. Advanced technology continues to develop innovative devices that are designed to enhance convenience. Things we use every day have greater capacity and connectivity than ever before: smartphones, speakers, televisions etc. Similar to these devices, hearing aids have also evolved, allowing them to be easily integrated into our daily lives. A significant innovation is rechargeable, rather than replaceable, batteries. 

You may be familiar with having to regularly purchase and replace your batteries. Depending on the specific type and model of hearing aids, batteries often need to be replaced every 3 to 10 days! Fortunately, however, rechargeable batteries are widely available and serve as an option with several advantages. 

Rechargeable Technology

Rechargeable technology is not necessarily new. We have become accustomed to rechargeable devices: laptops, smartphones, headphones etc. Buying disposable batteries for some may be a thing of the past and for others, you may be using hearing aids that require it. Though rechargeable hearing aid technology has existed for nearly a decade, batteries did not maintain sufficient charge for very long. 

The innovation of recent years provided the creation and production of a lithium ion battery. This smaller battery has the capacity to power hearing aids for a much longer time with just one charge. This extended battery life means greater efficiency which provides several advantages.   

Advantages of Rechargeable Hearing Aids 

When people imagine hearing aids, they often think of an all too visible and big device. Replaceable batteries largely contribute to this bulkiness. Rechargeable hearing aids are smaller devices that provide greater accessibility for the wearer. The many benefits include: 

1. Energy Efficiency 

A lithium ion battery has the ability to charge hearing aids for an entire day from just one charge. This is in contrast to disposable batteries which can die at any time, forcing people to always carry backup batteries. Rechargeable hearing aids are able to remain charged for up to 19 hours. Similar to our phones, you can simply charge the battery overnight and expect that will last all day. This efficiency prevents the hassle of dealing with dead batteries and the interruption to your day that it causes. It also alleviates the worry you may experience about your battery dying. 

2. Cost Savings 

Replaceable batteries need to consistently be… replaced! This means that people are always purchasing new batteries which becomes a regular expense. Rechargeable batteries completely eliminate this expense, saving you money! 

3. Environmentally Friendly 

Zinc based disposable batteries can only be used one time before having to be thrown away. People can end up using and disposing hundreds of batteries for their hearing aids. These batteries end up in landfills meaning that they contribute to the waste and carbon footprint that is impacting the earth and ecosystems that sustain it. Rechargeable hearing aids are sustainable and environmentally safe. 

4. Greater Accessibility & Convenience 

Rechargeable hearing aids are easier to integrate. People do not have to hassle or even think about constantly replacing batteries. This is one less thing to purchase, deal with, and dispose. Additionally, you no longer have to do the manual work of always replacing batteries. This is what makes rechargeable hearing aids more convenient and accessible. All one has to do is charge the battery overnight and this simplicity is important when it comes to something we use every day! 

Choosing the Right Hearing Aid Technology 

Choosing the right hearing aids that meet your specific hearing needs and lifestyle is critical. You rely on this device daily so they are an important investment. The best way to approach finding the hearing aids that are right for you is by consulting with us. Our audiologist can assess if your hearing needs have changed and can explore the best options for you. 

Rechargeability is among numerous technologies that hearing aids now offer. You may be interested in other features, curious about the latest updates, and would like to learn more. Meeting with us can be really useful in addressing your questions! 

As hearing aids continue to evolve, stay updated about what the possibilities are and how you can have the most fulfilling listening experiences!  Contact us today.