Seeing an Audiologist? Bring a Companion

One of the first steps for people experiencing hearing loss in Los Angeles is to schedule an appointment with an audiologist. This is bound to cause a little anxiety, especially if it’s your first visit and you are unsure of what to expect. Bringing a companion with you is perfectly okay; in fact, your Los Angeles hearing professional encourages this.

Hearing Loss is a Family Affair

Hearing lossFamily affects roughly one out of every five Los Angeles residents. Symptoms usually develop gradually, making it hard to recognize a problem. Often, a family member or close friend is the first to notice. It’s important to see a hearing specialist at the first sign of trouble; untreated hearing loss can have a significant impact on your physical, social and psychological health. The list of complications is extensive and includes anxiety, isolation, withdrawal, depression, dementia, diabetes, kidney disease and an increased risk of falls.

You might have the mistaken impression that you are the only one  affected by your hearing loss, but this simply is not true. A 2009 study of 1,500 people with hearing loss illustrates the effect their impairment had on others:

  • 44 percent experienced a deterioration in relationships with a spouse, partner, friends and other family members
  • 34 percent lost touch with friends or had their marriage end because of communication issues directly related to their hearing loss
  • 69 percent said hearing loss made it difficult to participate in daily conversations
  • More than half felt excluded from social activities

Having a companion join you for your hearing appointment will prove extremely helpful to both you and your audiologist. A spouse, partner, or close friend familiar with your impairment will lend you the emotional support needed during a difficult time and they will be able to provide insight into the extent of your hearing loss – information that will help your audiologist gauge the full impact of your impairment and help them find an appropriate treatment solution.

If you are experiencing hearing difficulties and haven’t yet made an appointment, call a hearing specialist in Los Angeles today. And be prepared to bring along a companion!