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Hearing well is living well. When you cannot hear the world around you, it greatly impacts your daily life. Concierge Hearing Group offers hearing health services at your convenience either in our office, via telehealth or at a location of your choice in the Greater Los Angeles area. Hearing well has never been so easy.

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Personalized hearing healthcare at a location of your choice

In-Office Services

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Convenient West Side location in Marina del Rey on Washington Boulevard


Easy and convenient to consult with your hearing provider online


  • Hearing Services

    Transform your hearing at your convenience. In addition to a convenient location in Marina Del Rey, CHG offers amenities at a location of your choice or in a meet-up online.

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  • Hearing Aids

    Working with the newest hearing aids and technology, CHG can help you match with the best devices to suit your hearing health and lifestyle.

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  • Custom Ear Plugs

    We provide custom musicians earplugs, swim plugs, sleep plugs, and shooting/sports plugs.

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Proud Lyric Provider

Lyric hearing aids are 100% invisible. Placed in your ear canal, Lyric remains completely out of sight and provides clear, natural sound.
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"I am an orthopedic surgeon and I value professional service and expertise. Dr. Mock has provided both over the past 18 months. She is a very likeable individual I would highly recommend. She does make house calls for evaluations and treatment."

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"Her personality and the time she took to listen to me (and my concerns) and answer my questions was amazing. If anyone is looking for a great audiologist to guide you through this process I would recommend Dr. Mock 1000%."

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"Dr. Mock goes above and beyond in helping my 93 year old mom and 94 year old neighbor with their lack of hearing ā€” it has been life changing ā€” and she makes house calls!! Fantastic in a world of very little customer service!"

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"Dr. Mock not only found a great solution for me, she could not have made it any easier. She came to my office, evaluated my hearing, fitted me with appropriate hearing aids, and has followed up with me periodically for progress (happiness!) reports and fine tuning adjustments. Did I mention she came to MY office and fit into MY schedule."

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"Dr. Robin Mock rocks! She made getting custom hearing protection easy! As a DJ my hearing is EVERYTHING! The custom earplugs are comfortable and easy to insert and remove. I not only wear them when Iā€™m DJ-ing but on the airplane, in movies, expos and parties."